The wreck of the Dromara




The 723 ton British steamer Dromara was on a voyage from Londonderry to London with ore when she ran aground at the Old Man of Wick, Caithness, on 14 Feb 1941.
This is a dive which can only be done from a boat as the cliffs rise sharply from the water. There is little accessible shoreline around the wreck.

The wreck sits close in to the cliffs at about 16m. The effect of the shallow water, close to the shore has resulted in the wreck being very badly brocken up.

The engine, boiler, heavy machinery and the propellor are all still visible.



Kelp cover often makes this wreck difficult to find, especially during the summer months. It is best dived in the winter, but the changeability of the sea state, and hence boat access, can make this a site which is not visited very often.