Staxigoe / Papigoe

and the Carency wreck


Staxigoe is a very sheltered harbour and is ideal for new diver training. There is easy access via the slipway and the depth slopes gradually.

This is a scenic dive which features a swimthrough gully, bowl and small cave. It is an excellent site to practice compass work and navigation skills.


Trainees often begin their cold water training here. The harbour area is well sheltered and makes an ideal place to assess weighting, learn bouyancy skills and get the feel for being in the open water rather than a swimming pool.


The dive site at Papigoe is reached from the shore. The climb up/down from the carpark is not insignificant but can be done sensibly. The dive drops straight into about 10m with 2 small caves on the right hand wall as you swim towards the headland.

A number of gullies on the lefthand side and an underwater 'window' which can be found by swimming round the headland.

A 20m sheer wall can be found entering the water off the rocks further to the north.




Between Broadhaven and Papigoe is Greenigoe and Greenie Geo. In this bay is the wreck of the Carency, a 223 ton trawler from Aberdeen which ran aground in fog and sank on 29th June 1957.
The wreck lies at a depth of about 10m and due to the shallow depth,virtually none of the lighter structures remain. The heavier components such as the boiler, engine, prop and steam winches are still visible.
This is an easy shore dive, reached from across a rocky beach. The dive is best done at High Water otherwise entry/exit across the rocks becomes difficult.



The boiler, engine, propshaft, prop and stern bearings all lie very close together and in pretty much the same orientation as they would have been prior to the sinking.