Scarfskerry offers both scenic and wreck diving.

There are 2 wrecks, both in shallow water and therefore very badly broken up but the major components can still be located.


The SS Linkmore was wrecked in the 1930's and now lies directly in front off the pier, approximately 50m out.



Although the blades are damaged, the propellor is readily identifiable.

The rudder leans against the eastern reef wall at a depth of about 10m.

The Victoria wreck which foundered on the rocks in c1890, can be accessed from an entry point across the shelving rocks about 200m to the west of the harbour.


By following the reef wall out, northwards, the depth increases slowly to 25m. There is a large bowl shaped depression on the right descending rapidly to a 16m deep narrow base. The reef walls are covered with urchins, deadmens fingers, nudibranchs and sponges.

Lobsters, crabs and shoals of fish are regular sights.