Portskerra, RhuCorrie and Baligill



Popular shore dive site offering diving at any stage of the tide with particularly easy entry/exit via the slipway at most times in the tide.

This is a very scenic dive up to 20m and is suitable for all levels of diver. The sheltered nature of the inner basin makes it an ideal training location for new divers just experiencing diving in the sea.

The dive starts with an underwater tunnel/arch near the end of the reef which connects the inner basin to the open sea.

The arch has a rocky bottom and is home to lobsters, crabs and a variety of fish. Pipefish and octopus are regularly seen here.

At varying times through the year, hundreds of baby lobsters can be found sheltering in nooks and crannies under the arch. During May & June, dogfish come here to breed.

There are several recognised routes once outside the arch with the deepest and longest route passing along the outside wall of the distant reef.

All of the reef walls, arch ceiling and sides are covered by an abundance of plant life.

This site is ideal for underwater photography.

Shore dives from the slipway can take several routes around the reef and bay.




Significant upgrading has been carried out recently by the Portskerra Harbours Association. This has resulted in major improvements to the slipway, launch area and mooring facilities. The provision of a small pier/landing area, makes this a very easy site to access. There is a large open parking area at the top of the hill for parking trailers and cars.

See Portskerra Harbours Association on Facebook......here.



Can be dived either from the shore or by boat. Boat diving is by far the easiest option as it's a long, steep, muddy climb to/from the pebbly beach from the road above. Accessing the site from the shore is not for the feint hearted.

Boat access is straightforward from launching at Portskerra. The site is only 5 minutes away and offers a sheltered location behind the corrie to anchor/moor a boat.

The site starts in about 6m but quickly drops to about 13m. There is a gentle slope down as you follow the reef wall to about 20m. A lovely dive is to follow the wall of the corrie all the way around until you come back to the boat mooring after about 40 minutes. This route takes you past a lovely cave which is usually teeming with life. There is a chimney at the back of the cave, bringing you out through a gully in about 6m onto the west wall of the corrie .



The second cave, which can only be dived at high water when the sea state is very settled, starts beside the boat moring but then passes totally through the headland, emerging on the east wall of the next inlet. It's a fair swim back around the headland to where the boat is moored.




Only accessible by boat, ths site offers beautiful reef walls at depths to ~26m, swim-throughs, dropoffs and caves. It is a site of massive variety. The underwater topography and scenery are stunning.

The inlet faces northwest directly open to the sea, it is diveable only when the sea is very calm.