Skerray &
Eilean nan Ron


Diving from Skerray provides many very varied dive sites. There are many scenic dives as well as wreck dives a few minutes by RIB away from Skerray harbour.


The island of Eilean nan Ron, just off the coast is now uninhabited. Once a thriving community, there is a small harbour on the island which makes a great dive with a swim-through.




One of the most fascinating dives at Eilean nan Ron is the 'Trench'. This is an underwater passage, several hundred metres long that cuts right through the north western corner of the island. This is usually a drift dive, the RIB drops divers off at one end and then picks them up at the other end.


The northern corners of the island provide superb wall, drift and reef dives to depths of up to 50m. The underwater topography is varied with caves, boulders, gullies and chimneys.




The trench is characterised by huge boulders and rocks. This makes it an ideal situation for lobsters and other shellfish. Several sizable lobsters have been seen here regularly.

These tend to be quite exposed dive sites but sheltered sites can usually be found around Eilean nan Ron and Neave Island.