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The Club

The club was formed in 1961 and has approximately 30 members, coming from Thurso, Wick and the Caithness villages. It was formed only 7 years after the first BSAC branch in London. The club recently received a certificate from BSAC in recognition of the clubs golden anniversay.

Coinciding with the celebration of 50 years of active diving, the club also had the good fortune to become the owners of a brand new building.


The clubhouse is sited within a group of industrial units in
Neil Gunn Drive, Henderson Street, Thurso.


The construction of the clubhouse was completed in 2010. It is equipped with a large workshop / garage area, an upstairs training / meeting room, kitchen and washroom.



The club premises house our 6.5m RIB, Hagar, as well as our compressors, nitrox mixing station and other diving related equipment.








The clubhouse 'warming' was held in early February 2011 after relocating from the old premises. The upstairs room serves as a meeting room and is also very suitable for holding training sessions.

Whilst the club is officially affiliated to BSAC, there are a significant number of ScotSAC members. In the main, training is carried out in accordance with ScotSAC requirements.

The club has a monthly meeting, usually at 8PM on the second Monday evening of the month. The venue is usually the Brown Trout in Watten.

In CDC we have wreck divers, photographers, cave divers, folk who just like a nice bit of scenery and others who are just after something for the pot. Experience-wise, we have everyone from people who only started their training last year through to old hands who have been diving for decades.

Probably one of the best aspects of club diving is that you can meet divers with a wide range of interests, different experience levels and slightly different ways of doing things. You can always ask for advice, maybe try out something new or simply get ideas on how to rig up your kit.

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Joining, Membership and Training details can be obtained from :

Fiona Watson (Club info / joining / training) fionawatson21@yahoo.com

Paul Steven ( Club info / joining / training) wickedpaintball@aol.com

Maurice Edmunds (Secretary) mpedmunds@btinternet.com

David Steele (Chairman) diver@burnsider.freeserve.co.uk

The club welcomes both complete ‘newbies’ and qualified / experienced divers aged 18 or above.


Training arrangements vary depending on numbers. Arrangements for group or single training can be arranged through discussion. Tuesday evening is normally the club's ‘training night. Training sessions are also organised to suit trainee requirments.

Qualified divers

The club welcomes divers qualified by other training agencies. Crossover courses are organised as required to align a divers training with an appropriate ScotSAC or BSAC qualification level. The club can also provide training for a number of specialities eg drysuit training or rescue skills.

Membership forms can be printed from the Downloads section of this website.

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Trydives are often the way in which new members are introduced to the world of scuba diving. Usually Caithness Diving Club holds such an event during January or February. 'Trydivers' who wish to continue into formal training are then taken through the Ocean Diver training syllabus with the aim of making their first sheltered dive in the sea around mid April.



The club accepts new members at any time during the year. Training needs for new members can vary significantly, ranging from a quick refresher course through to full diver training.

The club will arrange training as required.

See the Downloads Page for links to details of the training programmes.


The club has qualified instructors able to deliver a range of courses and training 'in-house'.

Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Master Diver, Dive Leader.

Crosssover courses for members coming from non-BSAC or ScotSAC backgrounds.

Specialist courses : Boat Handling, Diver Cox, Nitrox, Oxygen Administration.

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Membership Rates & benefits

CDC £90 / year. Full diving member.  
Joining Fee £60 Only for new members / trainees requiring extensive use of club equipment. This is to cover costs of servicing club equipment used in training.
BSAC £56.50 / year. complete BSAC membership rates
ScotSAC   complete ScotSAC membership rates

Benefits of membership

Comprehensive training schemes : BSAC has been teaching people to dive for over 50 years so has a well established training scheme. As well as training schemes within branches, the Regional Coaching teams organise training events open to all suitably qualified members.

Internationally recognised qualifications : Almost as internationally recognised as PADI, BSAC qualifications are accepted at almost all continental diving centres. Although your qualifications are recorded in a log book, BSAC also have qualification and membership cards similar to PADI cards.

A range of diving manuals and training materials : BSAC have compiled various manuals covering all levels of training and instruction and all of the training courses are supported by well developed and thorough student notes.

Dive Magazine : A monthly magazine produced by BSAC covering topical issues, new equipment reviews, courses and updates to diving procedures.

3 rd Party Insurance : All BSAC members are covered by 3 rd party insurance and will receive support (legal & technical) fromBSAC if something ever does go wrong.

General Support : Help and advice are always available for clubs and individuals from BSAC HQ if you need it. There is a club website at www.bsac.com which has a lot of free resources and an online shop for manuals, deco tables, BSAC clothing etc.

Social : You’ll meet lots of interesting people in Caithness Diving Club and they’ll all share an interest in floundering around in the sea !!


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Club Equipment

The club has a quantity of equipment which members are free to use as required. Use of club gear is free during training. Thereafter, members are encouraged to buy their own equipment and only use the club gear whilst their own is unavailable.

The club boat is a 6.5m/90HP RIB fully kitted with safety, navigation and emergency equipment. It will carry 8-10 divers comfortably. Oxygen sets and First Aid kits are always carried.

The clubs main air compressor is a 15CFM SAS, 232 Bar machine with whips for DIN and 'A' fittings. The compressor also supplies air to the Nitrox mixing station. Once trained in the operation of the compressor, all members are able to fill cylinders as required.

The club also has 7 x 10/12Litre air tanks and 6 x scuba sets (BCDs and regulator sets).

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