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Underwater Pictures Try
Dive, 21 January 2004 Summer Isles July 2003
KLB November 2003
Holborn Head August 2003 John Coffey's Pictures, 2002
Stroma, June 2003 V81 and Skirza, 15 February 2004 Scapa, May 4th 2004
Trinkie, 6th June 2004 Dromara, July 18th 2004 (the older boiler is behind...) More excellent pictures from Bruce
Isleford dive, November 14th 2004.  Handheld at 1/5 second!! Sunny dive at Longbury, 28th November 2004 Duncansby Geo, 8 May 2005.  Stormy outside, perfect inside.
Marine Archaeology Course, 16/17 April 2005 Boxing Day at Broadhaven, December 2005 Ullapool Trip, 27-29 January 2006.  Very calm conditions
Dromara, May 14 2006 Mark Liddiard's pictures from the 2006 Red Sea trip Dunnet Head dive,wonderful conditions,11 June2006
Weekend at Skerray, July 1/2 2006 Portskerra, 17th September 2006 Drift dive off Scarfskerry, October 8th 2006
Trinkie, October 15th 2006.  Lovely day, lovely light. Boxing Day dive at Staxigoe.  Santa brought a dram.... Dive on The Grounds, January 7th 2007
Papigoe, January 28th 2007 In the Haven on Muckle Skerry, lots of seals around Dive at Scarfskerry - new wreckage uncovered